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FAUST [going up and down in thought.] MEPHISTOPHELES to him.

By all that ever was jilted! By all the infernal fires!
I wish I knew something worse, to curse as my heart desires!

What griping pain has hold of thee?
Such grins ne'er saw I in the worst stage-ranter!

Oh, to the devil I'd give myself instanter,
If I were not already he!

Some pin's loose in your head, old fellow!
That fits you, like a madman thus to bellow!

Just think, the pretty toy we got for Peg,
A priest has hooked, the cursed plague I--
The thing came under the eye of the mother,
And caused her a dreadful internal pother:
The woman's scent is fine and strong;
Snuffles over her prayer-book all day long,
And knows, by the smell of an article, plain,
Whether the thing is holy or profane;
And as to the box she was soon aware
There could not be much blessing there.
"My child," she cried, "unrighteous gains
Ensnare the soul, dry up the veins.
We'll consecrate it to God's mother,
She'll give us some heavenly manna or other!"
Little Margaret made a wry face; "I see
'Tis, after all, a gift horse," said she;
"And sure, no godless one is he
Who brought it here so handsomely."
The mother sent for a priest (they're cunning);
Who scarce had found what game was running,
When he rolled his greedy eyes like a lizard,
And, "all is rightly disposed," said he,
"Who conquers wins, for a certainty.
The church has of old a famous gizzard,
She calls it little whole lands to devour,
Yet never a surfeit got to this hour;
The church alone, dear ladies; sans question,
Can give unrighteous gains digestion."

That is a general pratice, too,
Common alike with king and Jew.

Then pocketed bracelets and chains and rings
As if they were mushrooms or some such things,
With no more thanks, (the greedy-guts!)
Than if it had been a basket of nuts,
Promised them all sorts of heavenly pay--
And greatly edified were they.

And Margery?

Sits there in distress,
And what to do she cannot guess,
The jewels her daily and nightly thought,
And he still more by whom they were brought.

Faust. My heart is troubled for my pet.
Get her at once another set!
The first were no great things in their way.

Mephistopheles. O yes, my gentleman finds all child's play!

Faust. And what I wish, that mind and do!
Stick closely to her neighbor, too.
Don't be a devil soft as pap,
And fetch me some new jewels, old chap!

Mephistopheles. Yes, gracious Sir, I will with pleasure.
[Exit FAUST.]
Such love-sick fools will puff away
Sun, moon, and stars, and all in the azure,
To please a maiden's whimsies, any day.