The Red and The Black (1039k)
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C. K. Scott Moncrieff [1889-1930]
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Chapter 1. A Small Town
Chapter 2. A Mayor
Chapter 3. The Bread of the Poor
Chapter 4. Father and Son
Chapter 5. Driving a Bargain
Chapter 6. Dullness
Chapter 7. Elective Affinities
Chapter 8. Minor Events
Chapter 9. An Evening in the Country
Chapter 10. A Large Heart and a Small Fortune
Chapter 11. Night Thoughts
Chapter 12. A Journey
Chapter 13. Open-work Stockings
Chapter 14. The English Scissors
Chapter 15. Cock-crow
Chapter 16. The Day After
Chapter 17. The Principal Deputy
Chapter 18. A King at Verrieres
Chapter 19. To Think Is To Be Full of Sorrow
Chapter 20. The Anonymous Letters
Chapter 21. Conversation with a Lord and Master
Chapter 22. Manners and Customs in 1830
Chapter 23. The Sorrows of a High Office
Chapter 24. A Capital
Chapter 25. The Seminary
Chapter 26. The World, or What the Rich Lack
Chapter 27. First Experience of Life
Chapter 28. A Procession
Chapter 29. The First Step
Chapter 30. Ambition
Chapter 1. Country Pleasures
Chapter 2. First Appearance in Society
Chapter 3. First Steps
Chapter 4. The Hotel de La Mole
Chapter 5. Sensibility and a Pious Lady
Chapter 6. Pronunciation
Chapter 7. An Attack of Gout
Chapter 8. What Is the Decoration that Confers Distinction?
Chapter 9. The Ball
Chapter 10. Queen Marguerite
Chapter 11. The Tyranny of a Girl
Chapter 12. Another Danton?
Chapter 13. A Plot
Chapter 14. A Girl's Thoughts
Chapter 15. Is It a Plot?
Chapter 16. One o'Clock in the Morning
Chapter 17. An Old Sword
Chapter 18. Painful Moments
Chapter 19. The Opera-Bouffe
Chapter 20. The Japanese Vase
Chapter 21. The Secret Note
Chapter 22. The Discussion
Chapter 23. The Clergy, their Forests, Liberty
Chapter 24. Strasbourg
Chapter 25. The Office of Virtue
Chapter 26. Moral Love
Chapter 27. The Best Positions in the Church
Chapter 28. Manon Lescaut
Chapter 29. Boredom
Chapter 30. A Box at the Bouffes
Chapter 31. Making Her Afraid
Chapter 32. The Tiger
Chapter 33. The Torment of the Weak
Chapter 34. A Man of Spirit
Chapter 35. A Storm
Chapter 36. Painful Details
Chapter 37. A Dungeon
Chapter 38. A Man of Power
Chapter 39. Intrigue
Chapter 40. Tranquillity
Chapter 41. The Trial
Chapter 42. In the Prison
Chapter 43. Last Adieux
Chapter 44. The Shadow of the Guillotine
Chapter 45. Exit Julien. Translator's Note